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It’s not just a foreign academic evaluation – it’s the next phase in your life. Whether you’re applying for a new job or that hard-earned promotion, continuing your education or applying for a visa, the selection of the right academic evaluation agency can change your future. Below are over 1,000 reviews from our clients on our agency, our team, and the evaluations we’ve prepared for them (updated monthly)…



EXCELLENT job by Validential. The service is of the highest standard: speedy, thorough and captured all details with accuracy – Mickelle P 20210803

You are fast and so easy to work with. I definitely recommend your company! – Shterna Z 20210803

It has been a productive engagement. I believe and I acknowledge your proficiency. Thank you and best regards – Sulyman N 20210803

Fast and professional job, thanks! – Tatyana R 20210802

You did a fantastic Job! Thank very much – Korina C 20210730

This has been a great experience, thank you so much – Anastassia H 20210730

My first contact with the company was with Stephen. He was very professional and with patience informed me everything I needed to know. When hiring the company, I saw that I made the right choice. I’m starting to do consulting for Brazilians and I will recommend this company to anyone who asks me about diploma equivalence – Helen S 20210729

Excellent, efficient and great attention – Ana R 20210729

Very fast and efficient, no ambiguity whatsoever. Very professional and would recommend them every single time – Akeem A 20210729

Excellent and mind blowing work! Thanku!!!!! – Jaskaran K 20210727

Great service and quick response at everything. Thank you! – Luisa L 20210727

I placed an order with your company, not knowing anything about your service. I just picked you from the Internet. In the process of the work, I noticed and impressed by the quality and professionalism of your service. Bernadette was especially helpful. She finished the job under immense pressure. I was able to upload the package to my employer’s website in time thanks to her dedication. I applaud the job well done. Thanks again to Bernadette and her staff – Jin P 20210723

I’m so happy when I let my documents be evaluated here. They did a great job and really fast. They took only a business day to evaluate my documents and sent them back to me – Quang P 20210722

Excellent Service, Validation within the next 24hrs is highly appreciated – Philip K 20210719

Thank you so much for your great job – Marivic R 20210719

Excellent service. Very efficient. Marie helped me to place my order and was very patient. Thank you all – Asmar C 20210716

Validential is one of the; fast, best, good customer service, reliable, professional, and reasonable price academic evaluation there ever have been. Thank you..! – Bhupenn C 20210716

Excellent, I would definitely recommend it to other people. On a scale of 1 to 10 they have 10!!!! – Susana A 20210716

I received the report. Thank you so much for your support and speedy services.  I would definitely recommend your services – Narmeen S 20210716

Thank you very much for your prompt and great job on my request. I found Validential Corp. highly professional and reliable, and will definitely recommend it to all my colleagues – Mansour P 20210715

The service has been excellent, it is good to have your efficiency – Sohaime C 20210714

You guys are the best. I will definitely recommend you – Helen O 20210713

Good and perfect job – Sidiki S 20210713

Very, very satisfied with your service – Farhat S 20210713

Thanks for all your help and support. You did it so fast. A very good accrediting organization. I will recommend your services for other people – Kepa Z 20210712

Thanks for the quick evaluation of my foreign process operator diploma – Edward M 20210712

I appreciated the great service! Easy to use and very fast! Thank you! Cheers! – Diego L 20210710

Thank you. Excellent service and very professional – Bladimir S 20210708

I very happy with the service and from start to the end. Everything was done efficiently and in timely manner! Now I can start pursuing my career even deeper!! Thank you – Yana B 20210706

Congratulations, I am very pleased with the service. Fast and effective – Wendy A 20210706

   Fast service great communication and fair prices. Thank you – Ahlam K 20210702

You guys did a good job. I was well pleased with my order. I can recommend you to anyone – Weyatta M 20210702

Faster than I imagined. It was absolutely fast and precise without any issues. I appreciate this wonderful service, all within 48hrs. Thanks a lot – Onochie D 20210702

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Your company was able to help my client get an academic evaluation for immigration purposes in such a fast and efficient manner.  I made contact with you through the online chat function, and got the order going that same day.  I love the online status feature, something I have never had with the company we have been using (Morningside).  I will definitely be using your company from now on – Hall E 20210630

I give it 5 stars, Speed and Accuracy. Thanks 100% recommended – Elayne C 20210630

Amazing job thank you – Erika J 20210629

Awesome service – Shen V 20210629

A big thank you to Bernadette, Clarke and others who were involved in getting my high school transcripts evaluated. It was a breeze and I got my work done on time with swift replies to all my emails from your side. This is superior dedicated professionalism to the core and I would definitely recommend your services to other friends/colleagues. Bravo and good job guys, keep up the good work! – Zubin N 20210628

I’m very impressed with your service!!! Thank you so much for your prompt response and help – Isabel D 20210627

Very efficient and reliable. Great job! – Guobin K 20210624

Costumer service was 10 stars! Thank you for all the help – Elizmaried R 20210624

I am happy with your work. Congratulations, blessings, they are very professional – Moises L 20210623

The process was very professional and effective.  Thanks – Shirley B 20210621

Fantastic service. They are so professional and fast – Giorgia R 20210521

You did a great job and Bernadette was super helpful and understanding. I really appreciate the time when put on. I know I’m not an easy person working. I require a lot of information and explanation and she did it. And did it great. Thanks – Lala M 20210621

The validation of my diploma was very quick! Thanks – Evelina G 20210621

Great job thank you – Kavita S 20210620

I am very pleased with Validential’s service. It has been efficient and professional. I would recommend your company to anyone who wants this service. Wishing you all many more fruitful years ahead – Nikee B 20210618

I personally appreciate you for such a great job… Wish you best luck – Ahmad F 20210617

Thank you so much for your work! It is sharp, quick and the pricing is very reasonable. I will be working with your company in the future and will send you clients – Anita A 20210616

Great service and customer service, I really appreciate all your help. I’ll definitely use your services again in the future, thank you! – Rodrigo R 20210615

Thank you for a job well done. It was very efficient. I am happy to recommend you to anyone – Melissa W 20210615

Thank you for the timely, friendly, and professional service. Really appreciate it – Da L 20210615

Amazing service. I am extremely satisfied with the work. I will recommend to anybody. Thank you – Guiselle S 20210614

Thank you very much… I greatly appreciate your help!!! Results received next business day – Gina G 20210611

Great customer service and fast service – Eida B 20210511

Very highly recommended. Your agency is very prompt, efficient and have an excellent customer service – Arlene V 20210610

OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you very much indeed for transcribing my GCSE certificate from the U.K. What an excellent, efficient and timely service I have received. Once again a huge thank you – James A 20210608

Thanks for excellent service and always prompt reply. We will recommend you to others when needed – Warsi S 20210528

Great job!! Very good services – Marisabel M 20210528

I would like to appreciate the work your organization did for me and it was so incredible – Selwyn D 20210528

Expeditious and professional service. I love the communication that we had at all times. Thank you for the service – Aritma A 20210526

I am happy with your service and would like to order more – Ivan L 20210525

I have nothing but the utmost praise for the work you have done on my order (Diane) and for all of the patient, kind, and informative messages throughout the process. You have an effective and supportive staff, especially Clarke, Paul, John, and Bernadette who answered so many emails and resolved every doubt and entertained every suggestion almost immediately. I will definitely recommend your service to anyone I can. If I have missed any of the staff who helped us, I apologize because you deserve to be mentioned. Again, thank you for your service which I will now mention highly to an organization with whom I’ve been working so they recommend you to their clients – Carla D 20210524

I love how fast it was, very convenient. Thank you so much. I will definitely recommend to my friends – Darrion B 20210515

This website is very very easy. Service is very quick , and whatever the customer has questions it is easily answered I would recommend it, and will be using it again to evaluate my other degree! – Biagio F 20210513

Very, very impressive service. I love it – Muhammad U 20210511

I’m very impressed with how professional and fast the process was. I am very satisfied with your service and I really do appreciate it – Beatriz A 20210511

Thank you so much for all your help. The service is excellent, I will definitely circulate your service – Lu L 20210510

They are so quick and reliable. Thank u so much for doing the good job – Jocelyn C 20210509

Muy contenta y satisfecha con su profesionalidad y rapidez.Felicitaciones a su equipo de trabajo,mi agradecimiento para ustedes – Katrina S 20210507

I had an exceptional experience with Validential. The whole process was run extremely efficiently and smoothly, from start to finish. The speed and quality of execution have by far exceeded my expectations. Many thanks to the team for taking the time and doing the research to understand my credentials! – Irina T 20210506

Thank, thank, thank you! Love the prompt response…. I am a big fan of your service and will always promote it within my circle of influence! Appreciate all the support so far! – Ritesh S 20210506

Your fast and excellent service exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much – Felipe C 20210505

I am completely satisfied with your service – Nariman B 20210505

Every member of family of Validential, I appreciate all of members. This work is really difficult and hard. I guess everyone is talented there. Therefore you could have done valuable work in punctual time. Thank you very much Jay C 20210504

Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I have had such an excellent team working on a project completely out of my control AND very time sensitive. You exceeded all expectations.  Every person from the initial contact through the certification / Communication and final delivery was extraordinary. I sincerely thank you for all the work and communication you put into this very sensitive matter. John, Juan, Diana, Clarke, Bernadette – Thank you so much!!! – Robert M 20210504

Very satisfactory response and trusted team – Gladys J 20210504

I hope you are aware of the excellent customer service you provide. It’s such a relief to deal with competent professionals like you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 – Cecilia R 20210504

Remarkable quick and accurate evaluation and translation service! Thanks! – Yanzhen T 20210504

Oh my God I don’t know what to say… Guys you did a great great job!!! Everywhere I called in Brooklyn,  NY  they said I need an appointment. My job waiting for me I had no much time, I make my own research online I see VALIDENTIAL , I say ok let me take a chance???? That chance is a good chance!!!!! I will tell my friends my family, yes yes you did a great job. God bless you guys and your Company, thanks a lot – Yousline P 20210501

Great customer service!! Turn around time was admirable – Michelle G 20210430

You are simply the best! Thank you….you and your team’s hard work is so much appreciated 😊 – Angela R 20210430

Your reply is pleasantly quick, and your reply is reassuring. I am grateful for your quick reply, your thoughtfulness, and for making a recommendation – Ronald L 20210430

Quick and reliable service – Kambensylle B 20210428

I think that this company is very responsible and did a great job. I am very satisfied with your service. Thank you so much – Alejandra P 20210428

Great service! Fast, friendly and professional. We will definitely use this service again later in this school year and next year as our son applies to US universities. We will also recommend your service to others! – Anne G 20210427

Service provided by Validential was very professional, on time and very helpful. I will not hesitate to use your service again or recommend it to my friends and associates – Yevsey G 20210427

Your one day promise has been delivered. I appreciate your great job. I will recommend a friend or family to your reputable evaluation institution – Maxwell T 20210426

I really appreciate the work, only on word I have to say: thank you! – Edgar V 20210426

Thank you so much. You guys are great!! – Mark C 20210423

Good job. Very professional the way how we interact. Definitely, I will recommend you – Jose S 20210423

Excellent customer service. I will surely recommend Validential to friends. Good job, please maintain the standard – Ayodele S 20210423

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who worked on my degree evaluation, you were so helpful highly respond, and achieve, I was so lucky to deal with you, it was so easy because of your help, I am so glad you made my day – Layali Y 20210422

I am very satisfied with my order with Validential, including the support team (Clarke), I wish you to keep on with such a quality of service – Sven B 20210422

Good Job!! I have been working with Clarke and all the crew from Validential and I highly recommend you. Thanks for your prompt to help and your professionalism. God bless you all – Carlos R 20210421

So glad with ur service. It’s trustworthy n fast. Thank u so much. Gonna recommend to my sister too – Amarjeet K 20210421

I am very satisfied with the work performed and the excellent customer service – Lariza C 20210421

Thanks for your excellent services – James O 20210421

Excellent job done! – Hamidu R 20210420

Wow you did an amazing and super fast job. Thanks! – Karem R 20210419

I did the translation and certification of my Ph.D. degree in your company and it is excellent – Qiong W 20210417

Fastest Service in world. Very transparent (each step in tracking). Affordable prices. Will recommend to all friends – Vitaliy Z 20210415

Big thanks! Your work is excellent. Everything was great and on time. God bless your business – Amos B 20210415

Grate job and it is comprehensive. Thank You so much – Mariamma V 20210412

Good Job and great communication. I will recommend someone to you – Botiwa K 20210412

Thank you for your speedy turnaround time and for your professionalism – Norma T 20210409

Excellent is an understatement when I think of my experience with Validential. They went over and beyond my expectations in delivering world class evaluation service. I will always recommend you to my friends. Thank you – Ramota S 20210408

Thank you all very much. I really appreciate your patience, effective communication and commitment you all showed to me with this project. Recommendation is a must! – Nadine J 20210408

The Best Evaluation Corporation in the US! – Dr. Cui J 20210406

Entire process is automatic. As I am in India and after blindly trusting this USA firm, I got the required documents early. Happy to get your service – Shirish P 20210403

Fantastic job. So impressed – Temitope I 20210401

I am very happy with their services, very prompt and professional. I would recommend them to everyone – Sunila S 20210401

Great! I really like the service. The translation was good. Very visually appealing and easy to read. It was very fast! I am extremely happy. I would totally recommend to others – Jorge S 20210329

Excellent service – Nicole M 20210326

IT WAS A GREAT SERVICE – Musammat A 20210325

The service is very rapid and has good assistance – Karene N 20210324

Me ha parecido un trabajo extraoridnario,muy eficiente y muy profesional. Exitos chicos sigan asi,muchas gracias – Meza E 20210324

Excellent job, I was little bit nervous but I felt relief. Thank you for your help. Awesome! – Maria B 20210324

Thank you very much for helping me with your services I was lost and in a hurry to get done my paperwork for school. Was really easy to do it with you guys. Very professional service. Thanks so much for your help ok. So happy – Veronica L 20210324

I really appreciate your highly efficient work – Anna Y 20210324

I appreciate the work. It was quicker than what I expected.  Good job and satisfied fully. Thank you so much – Fahmida N 20210322

I had a fast and reliable evaluation of my credentials! One of the most affordable agencies on the market – Garret P 20210318

Excellent service. Good follow up. Quality service. Thank You – Chinnarivalli R 20210317

Excellent and on time delivery! – Dwiguna S 20210312

You have done a wonderful job. Thank God and thank you also I will tell so many people about you God bless you and continue doing the job you know how to do best. Thank you again – Thembisa G 20210312

Thank you! Excellent job – Mohan S 20210311

Thank you so much for the quick service. This is great service. I’ll tell other people too how good customer service your organization provides 🙂 – Binaya A 20210310

Thank you very much for the speed and excellent communication and work. Very Satisfied! – Paola G 20210310

Your agency and your staff did a great job. Documents are ready very fast. Thanks for your help – Moshem K 20210308

Excellent service – Abiodun O 20210305

Great job. Am so impressed. Keep it up. I will recommend to friends and relatives – Toyin I 20210305

I am grateful for your work on my document which was so fast. I will not hesitate to come back to you or refer people who need this type of help to you as soon as possible. Thanks again for fulfilling your promises to me. You guys are trustworthy – Mufuh M 20210304

From the minute we spoke about evaluation to the end result, it took 1 day and only one day vs other companies that I had experienced which has my file for over 30 days and did not have any result yet for 3 times the price – Zina J 20210303

Awesome, thanks a lot for the best service – Zina J 20210302

Really fast and accurate – Genet H 20210302

I didn’t know my evaluation could be done without stress. God bless you all – Victoria E 20210302

Thank you VALIDENTIAL, your service is very professional and timely. Your integrity is in your promise.  I can move on with my studies in the USA from here thanks to you – Timothy E 20210301

You have really done a good job. Thank you – Arogundade T 20210301

I’ve received my Validential order on time. Fantastic! Thank you! – Elvira T 20210228

Quick and efficient service. I like how you ask for the client’s feedback on the translations to ensure accuracy and satisfaction – Octavio A 20210227

Great service and very fast – Melissa N 20210224

Thank you for your time and effort, for your excellence and accuracy and for detailed explanation! Job great done! I will definitely recommend your services! – Gordana D 20210223

Wonderful and timely service – Mahnnor F 20210218

Hi, usually I don’t leave feedback, however for this service I will make an exception. The level of professionalism, accuracy, speed, quality and support is impressive. Thank you. You have an A+ from me – Elvyn O 20210216

Oh my…what a service!!!! It is simply mind-blowing, the level of dedication and commitment one gets from the amazing folks at Validential. They are very courteous and professional, while treating the customer with all the respect one can imagine. The quality of evaluation provided is simply second to none, as they stick by the timeline provided when a submission has been processed. I can’t think of a better evaluation service to recommend to anyone in need of help. Special shout out to Bernadette, Micha, Clarke, and the gentleman at the reception, who took my very first call. You all are a class act. Thanks from the bottom of my heart! – Ihims L 20210216

Perfect services. Fast, responsible and technical support thank you so much – Mojgan N 20210215

Trabajo muy profesional y excelente. Muchas gracias – Jessica B 20210214

Your agency is the lowest priced with fastest delivery, so I’ll save time and money and the process for ordering is so easy. Your company is very organized and has friendly staff. Thank you so much – Nina D 20210212

Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. It is a very easy and quick job you`ve done. I will recommend your company to my friends and family – Elizabeth O 20210212

Speedy service and very informative. Great customer services and all my questions were answered promptly – Sherieka B 20210212

I appreciate your excellent service – Ingrid S 20210212

Excellent Service!!! Thank you!!!! – Karina S 20210211

Excellent job. I am so satisfied with it. They are very kind and responsible and they did my evaluation very fast and accurate. Thank you so much and God bless you all – Roya N 20210211

Thank you so much your service is so good – Ravanpreet K 20210211

This service was easy, quick and efficient. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend your service – Simone L 20210210

You guys were awesome and provided excellent and timely service – Pierre A 20210209

Great job. Efficient – Hilary N 20210206

Fast easy, reliable and affordable accreditation bureau. I would highly recommend them to others – Andrea C 20210203

Fast and professional job. Excellent – Arben C 20210203

Thank you for fast and reliable service – Mary M 20210202

I’ve received the hard copy of my credential evaluation report yesterday. Thank you so much for your help and great evaluation service. I will recommend your service to anyone – Debongshi C 20210202

Excellent Service! This service is so efficient – they met the turn-around time, sent through a draft for review, and a detailed digital report followed soon after my approval. And best pricing after looking at a few providers. I would highly recommend this service – Deidre A 20210201

You are very professional, so happy to work with you – Rafif K 20210201

Best service. Thanks – Kiran Y 20210129

Thank you so much Validential for your faithful services, I will definitely recommend you. – Prosper B 20210128

Very good job, thank you so much – Hatem A 20210128

Great job! Efficient and fast service – Glenn O 20210127

Grateful – Gregory W 20210126

Muchas gracias por el servicio prestado. Muy eficiente y excelente el tiempo de entrega. Recomendado 100%. Gracias nuevamente – Alejandro C 20210126

Thank you for your service. I am truly satisfied and will recommend your service – Celia G 20210126

I would refer Validential to anyone. They deliver in a timely and professional manner.  Thank you Validential. Words are not enough to express my gratitude – Nicola K 20210125

Thank you so much for the great job you did for me I really appreciate it – Sainaho D 20210122

I am really impressed with your service. You have done a great job. So quick – Kunbi A 20210121

Just amazing precise service, from timing to draft reviews to certification and notarization. You can feel how punctual Validential is. Thank you, and I will refer you as much as I can. Best of luck – Bemen Y 20210120

Amazing evaluation service through Validential! I put my order through on a Monday and the draft was back to me on the same day! The report is very professional, and has all the necessary information that I needed to prove my UK degree certification. I am using the service for immigration purposes so I recommend Validential for anyone going through the process of moving to the U.S. 10/10 professional service – Alfie M 20210119

Thank you for your very good work! – Georgy P 20210114

I never thought It was going to be fast like that. I heard from people that it could take months and months to process foreign documents. Thank you very much for your service – Koang K 20210114

Very good service, In most of the offices even if we go directly also, it will not be this fast. Special thanks to Clarke for understanding the urgency and delivering the super-fast service – Sajeeb K 20210113

Super professional and fast 🙂 – Agata W 20210112

Pretty fast service! Love it! – Nathally P 20210108

Great customer service, ultrafast order, I am impressed! Thank you! – Schimon D 20210108

Great and quick service! – Luiz G 20210107

Excellent for all my jobs 5 stars – Diallo M 20210104

Great services! Thank you so much. I have already recommended your website to friends! – Sumaya R 20201224

I am very happy with the service provided by Validential. Very professional service and I will certainly recommend it to my friends. Thank you Validential! – Vinod M 20201224

Everything fast, simple and people very helpful and friendly – Erik C 20201221

It was a pleasure! Super convenient. I was able to do it all thru communication online. Always got super fast reply to all of my emails. I had my two Diplomas translated and evaluated – very fast, professional and easy!  It was important to me because I had only few days and I want to also thank them for being so patient with me. Thank you! – Natalia B 20201221

Thank you so much! I will always recommend this agency for my fellow international friends! – Fabiola K 20201218

I am impressed with the fast and easy process. It saved me a lot of time.  I will definitely use your service for another evaluation. Thanks a lot – Monica K 20201217

Thank you, the process was quick and I was successfully validated to start college awesome job guys – Gregory W 20201217

I appreciate your great job! I’m very happy with your service! I’ll highly recommend your institution! I would score you 10 star – Kozeta T 20201215

Thank you for an amazing job – Makhabat S 20201215

Thank you Validential Team for the excellent service. I am very grateful for your help and support. Super fast result and very professional. Highly recommended – Maria U 20201214

Thank You Validential for the assessment of my cousin’s transcript. I will inform all my relatives about your wonderful work. Thank You again – Bula M 20201212

Thank you very much, I received my packages. Also, I appreciate whoever communicated with me because I feel very secure with his conversation about this organization. Thank you again! – Bhante D 20201211

Thank you so much. I am so glad that I have been working with you. I cannot thank you enough for your speedy work – Betul T 20201211

Many thanks for your professional service – Estee J 20201210

Very good services!!!! – Amanda L 20201209

Realmente fue sorprendente ,muy comunicativos y la verdad una agencia muy coordinada y muy seria,la recomiendo, la semana completa me fueron dando noticias de mis documentos y realmente para mí fue muy especial, una agencia muy profesional y un equipo muy competente ,Saludos y muy agradecida – Yamilis R 20201209

I received a great, efficient, excellent and fast service. I am so satisfied – Norma Z 20201208

Thank you all for your efficient and timely work. Keep the good job – Peter G 20201204

Well done! Good service and fast response… I’m very satisfied with your services. Thank you very much – Koh N 20201204


Thankyou 🙏 for all your support and job well done – Abdul R 20201202

Good morning, I’ve received my documents in one week like you said. Great Job, I appreciate it – Eduardo M 20201129

This was so awesome. The service is just the best. So fast delivery I will recommend this service all day all time – Justine M 20201128

Thank you so much. You were great and fast to respond. – Fatema A 20201125

Thank you very much for your great job! – Masoud E 20201124

That’s my second time dealing with this professional people… I’m satisfied I highly recommend them to everyone. Thank you guys – Rachida A 20201122

You guys are great! – Judith G 20201121

The service was fast and satisfactory. Thank you very much – Sujeet S 20201121

Thank you for the good service. Clarke is the main person to handle the 4 applications, the whole process is super smooth with Clarke to take care, he is the reliable one handle the details minute by minute or even overnight.  I am so impressed with his good service! Those applications are super urgent cases for our company to get it done in a week time, I am so happy that have been completed on schedule! I have to say big thanks again with your great help! Once again, I highly appreciate for the great efforts of your company, especially Clarke! – Kylie C 20201120

GREAT JOB, in less than 24 hours with full respect and care. Thank you so much – Aiman F 20201120

That was so quick… I really appreciate it!!! – Romeo K 20201118

I am happy surprise by the wonderful customer service and the quick turnaround for my evaluation. This was a great experience – Veronica B 20201116

Thank you Validential. You did a great job and I hope to get a very good job with this. I will highly recommend – Kikelomo J 20201115

I am glad I choose you guys to do my high school evaluation! Thank you very much, everything turns out better than I was expecting! THANK YOU! I’ll be ordering again from you guys! – Samia P 20201113

Thanks Validential, you made a great job. I feel very pleased, congratulations!! – Gisela A 20201113

I am very satisfy to choose you thanks for your fast services and kind response – Nazik A 20201112

Wonderful!!! Thank you so much.  I will make sure to refer your company services as I found it very efficient – Nadia C 20201112

Thanks for the great service – Naga B 20201112

You did a great job. 5 stars – Trinita L 20201111

Validential Service is really fast and the report is very detailed. Very much satisfied – Debraj G 20201110

Fast, great communication and excellent work! – Caroline A 20201110

Thank you for the efficiency and professionalism – Joao P 20201109

You guys are the best!!!! – Camika T 20201109

You have no idea what this means to me. For 30 years I have been knocking on doors and was always told, no, we are not accepting your education. I didn’t know how to go about this until about a week ago when I happened to come across a FB post in a German group I belong to where some ladies were posting about how they managed to get credit for their German education and your company was mentioned. Thank you so much – Monika L 20201107

Thank you so much! You guys have excellent customer service! – Anabel V 20201106

I love that your customer service is exceptional and responsive. The quality of work was great and fast – Abi O 20201105

I really want to show appreciate for the great work you have done for me. I would like to thank God for connecting me to this company and may I pray that may God bless you for your amazing services. I love it and I highly recommend it to all international students – Nakibuule P 20201105

Great customer service and amazing job done. My Foreign academic evaluation was accepted for my employer immediately. Recommended 100% – Ivan O 20201103

I deeply appreciate the simplicity of steps on your website. I have told my friends about Validential – Raphael D 20201030

This was an absolutely great experience. The process was quick, easy and seamless. An agent was always in touch and responded immediately to email. It felt like a one on one very personal experience.  I would rate this a 10/10 experience – Michele C 20201030

Is this the best company in the world or what? That was fast. Thank you! – Jonathan F 20201030

Could not have asked for better service! Thanks! – Danya W 20201028

Thank you so much for evaluating it so fast – Lkhagva D 20201027

To all the team of Validential, I really appreciate your professionalism and strong dedication to deliver the projects and provide instructions – Carlos R, 20201027

Thank you so much for your excellent work. You did a really good job. I am happy to obtain the evaluation and translation of my documents so accurately and in less than a week – Olga B 20201021

Fast processing, splendid customer service and competitive pricing. Everything about your team is AWESOME!! Stay hungry, stay competitive!! – Umesh V 20201020

Thank you so much for your assistance!  Your service is 5 Stars in my book! – Addison L 20201020

Thank you so much for your services… I got my papers today… Am so happy I found you guys and thankful to God… Blessings to all – Pilar R 20201019

I can only validate and attest to my 200% satisfaction. Professionalism and responsiveness are qualities that Validential and its teams no longer have to prove. I would like to thank Marie and Bernadette for their kindness and for reassuring me throughout the process. I totally recommend and Validential is the best! I tested other competitors who are not up to par and much more expensive. Validential is an expert in this field and that is priceless. What’s more, Validential offers the best value for money. Thank you so much – 20201017 Simon M

Incredibly quick and easy. No phone calls needed. Responses via email were concise and clear. Was expecting a morass of paperwork and was pleasantly surprised. Thank you for a great job – Juan E 20201015

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Perfect, I love the revised version you even included the semester, years accounted for the different hr/per week and included the appropriate credits for the terminal project. Awesome – Marce G 20200428

Professional and very fast service even in the times of COVID-19 – Omid K 20200427

I am really happy about the professional service given to me throughout the process. I want to express my sincere thanks to Marie, Clarke, Bernadette and all the support staff who guided and assist me in the process. I am highly recommending your service to anybody who wish to have. Once again thanks a lot – Yohan W 20200423

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The service was very fast and very satisfactory. Also, your customer service was a lot better than at USCES, where I had other documents evaluated and it was just horrible. If I need anything else, I’ll definitely come back to you guys. Thank you! – Philomena K 20200131

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This first time I am use the Validential evaluation course by course, is surprised me they say waiting a week for my order and suddenly only 2 days my order is finish. and customer service is really nice and explain what I am needed. Definitely recommended for other people use this company for translate or use for course by course evaluation foreign language. I am really happy for their job – Lilik W 20200128

Found them accidentally when I did a Google search in response to my employer asking for my degree coursework to be evaluated – I had almost given up hope when I spoke to Marie @ Validential. The service was easy, user friendly and best of luck the output they generated was so professional and quick. My employer was also amazed and had to read it twice — wondering how I able to get the foreign degree course work evaluated so fast. For the price this is a service they are providing to people like me — please keep up the good work. Thanks Stephen, Marie and the team @ Validential – Jay J 20200127

The chat on the website was very helpful and professional, especially in assisting us with our decision to procure the services of your company. Your company’s prices were also very reasonable – Michael H 20200125

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Now that I have received the report from your company I want to take a minute to thank you for helping me out. You and the evaluator have been very professional, communicative and open to my input and feedback. I truly appreciate that. Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of summer – Enrico N 20180731

Great job on the translations and evaluation… Also, many thanks to Clarke… Obrigado! – Silverio D 20180730

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From inception, this service was consumer centered and tailored to my needs. Beginning with the engaging factual interaction by Bernadette, followed by the rapid, yet thorough evaluation process by the professional expert evaluators throughout onto completion. The entire experience was truly professional. Thank you Validential – Dr. Paul M 20170929

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